Tesla’s Cybertruck Vs Amazon Rivian R1T: Detailed Review

Cybertruck vs Rivian r1t

Tesla’s Cybertruck Vs Amazon Rivian R1T: Detailed Review

Despite all the recent hype, there is not a single electric truck present in the market yet. At this point, the companies are still in the manufacturing and testing phase. These electric trucks will be available in the market by the start of 2020. Rivian and Tesla are the two companies leading the charge in making the first electric truck ever.

Tesla’s Cybertruck, which was announced in November 2019, has a revolutionary design. On the other hand, Rivian R1T is somewhat similar to the trucks present nowadays in terms of shape and design but is still a hugely innovative build on the inside.

Bulk production of both of these electric trucks has not started yet and they are still in the experimental phase. The specifications and other factual data given is still hypothetical and can be modified by the companies once the testing is completed and bulk production is started.

Basic Design & Technology

The Rivian R1T measures 18 feet in length; from bumper to bumper and 6.6 feet in width. The height of the R1T is about 6 feet. The Cybertruck, on the other hand, has a bigger overall size. Standing at a height of 6.25 feet, it is 19.25 feet long and about 6.65 feet wide. The two tracks are relatively similar when it comes to height and width. If we talk about the weight of the two, Tesla’s Cybertruck is considered heavier than R1T but Tesla still has not revealed the true weight of the Cybertruck. Whereas, Rivian’s R1T has a weight of about 2669.8 kg.

If we look at the designs of the two, there is a huge difference. Rivian R1T has a conventional design whereas Tesla’s Cybertruck is something completely new and unique. If we look at the basics of the inner design and specifications, R1T has space for five passengers i.e. two front seats and three backseats. R1T also has multiple spacious compartments for luggage. Whereas Cybertruck has a seating capacity of six people i.e. three front seats and three back seat passengers.

Tesla’s Cybertruck looks somewhat like a shape ship from the inside as well. On the dashboard right at the front is a 17-inch touchscreen that is equipped with the new version of Tesla’s infotainment system. The Cybertruck does not have an instrument cluster and the driver uses rectangular steering just like in sports cars. Tesla has kept quite a smart and simplistic approach while designing the super truck.

On the other hand, R1T is equipped with a number of different technologies such as lane assistance and adaptive cruise control. A high-end version of the R1T comes with a level 3 semi-autonomous technology. This technology will not make R1T driverless but will enable the driver to multitask while it controls most of the steering on the road. However, installing such a system for the use of people would need legal permissions. While talking about self-driving abilities, Tesla’s Cybertruck aims to be fully autonomous. But it’s still not yet fully confirmed.


Cybertruck is equipped with three motors and has a 762 horsepower with a torque of 723 pound-feet. On the other hand, the R1T is also equipped with the same amount of battery/motor combinations and will have the horsepower of 750 with a torque of 829 pound-feet. If we compare these values to the best-selling truck available in America, the Ford F-150, its horsepower of 450 and torque of 510 pound-feet does not fall in the same category as R1T or the Cybertruck.


While judging an electric car, the factor most important for a normal person is the range. Tesla’s Cybertruck has claimed to achieve a range of more than 500 miles with its top tier Tri-Motor Version. 500 miles of range is an insane figure and a battery required to support that figure too would have to be gigantic. Moreover, such a battery also might have adverse effects on the overall performance of the vehicle. If we talk about Rivian’s R1T, it has promised a range of more than 400 miles on its top-notch build which too is very impressive.

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Towing Capacity:

Truck owners are usually concerned about the power their trucks have when it comes to towing or carrying absolutely anything. For them, the capacity to load and tow heavy objects should be made easy and reliable. If we look at the figures, the Cybertruck has promised a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds through its tri-motor model. That is high if compared to Ford’s F150 which had a towing capacity of about 13,200 pounds through its best model. Now, if we look at the figures of Rivian’s R1T, it has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.

In terms of the payload, the R1T has claimed to have a payload capacity of about 1,764 pounds. Tesla’s Cybertruck, on the other hand, has promised a payload capacity of about 3,500 pounds which is almost double to that of Rivian’s R1T. If we talk about ground clearance, Cybertruck is 16 inches clear above the ground while R1T, on the other hand, is 14.2 inches above the ground level.


Even though both the R1T and the Cybertruck are electric, their specification figures are completely different from one another.

In the case of Rivian’s R1T, buyers will have three Lithium-ion battery pack sizes to choose from which are 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh that correspond to driving ranges of 230, 300 and 400 miles respectively. Because electric cars are commonly present in the market these days, further modifications are being done to improve their performance. Ultraquick electric cars are developed and R1T too is a product of that technology. These three R1T variants can go from zero to 60 mph in a time of 4.9s, 3s, and 3.2s respectively. Rivian chose to place one motor behind each wheel rather than one per axle which has become a norm in the electric car industry. This is the reason why R1T can be front, rear, right or left wheel drive.

On the other hand, Tesla too will offer the Cybertruck three different battery options but it has not revealed the sizes of these batteries as of yet. The entry-level model has said to have a range of about 250 miles with a zero to 60 mph distance coverage in 6.5 seconds.

The midrange model which offers a range of 300 miles takes 4.5 seconds to reach the 60-mph barrier. Finally, the top-tier Cybertruck will have a staggering range of 500 miles with the 60-mph distance coverage in just 2.9 seconds. That is insane.  

The powertrain of Tesla’s Cybertruck is more conventional, especially in the case of electric cars. Its battery is installed right under the passenger compartment, just like it is present in the R1T.

The entry model Cybertruck will use a single electric motor integrated with the rear axle. The midrange model will have two motors with an all-wheel drive. This additional motor will be integrated with the front axle. While the flagship model will have three motors.

Pricing and Availability:

Rivian’s R1T starts at $69,000. It can be booked by paying a refundable $1000 deposit. The price for the higher end models has not been completely revealed yet but it does look like it’s going to hit the six-figure mark.

Deliveries of the R1T have been scheduled to begin by the second half of 2020. These dates are still not exact because Rivian is a new car manufacturing company and the production problems can arise.

In the case of Tesla, however, booking can be done with an amount as low as $100. The entry-level Cybertruck will cost around $39,000.

The midrange Cybertruck will cost around $49,000 while the flagship model will come around for almost $69,000. So, it can be clearly seen that even though Tesla is highly equipped with the best technology, its makers have kept its price reasonably low.  

Tesla aims to build cheaper versions of the Cybertruck in 2020. However, the top-tier models will be available by the start of 2021.

It is also to be noted that all these dates provided by the company are mere predictions and reality can be different. Expectations should be made by keeping relaxation for ups and downs.


A true review can be done once both these electric vehicles hit the road. Overall, looking at the specifications and the price, it is a very close competition. Tesla’s Cybertruck gets the edge because of its unique design, low price and top-notch specifications when compared to the R1T. Both of these cars have their own pros and cons and can be judged and compared perfectly once they are present in the market for the public.

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