15 Qualities Executive Protection Professional Must Possess

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15 Qualities Executive Protection Professional Must Possess

Executive Protection is the combination of security measures taken to ensure the safety of executives, celebrities, political figures, VIPs and all those who may have a potential risk. Executive Protection is also known as Close Protection. It is different from the ordinary protection services in the sense that it is focused on specific individuals and demands complete responsibility of that individual.

The protective services given to these individuals include bodyguards, armored vehicles, home-based security systems along with many other techniques depending upon the type of situation. In cases of threat and high-risk situations, security is also provided to immediate as well as an extended family to prevent kidnapping and extortion.

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Because the executive protection job is highly specialized and risk involved, these officers have elite training in departments like driving, first aid, marksmanship as well as weaponless fighting and grappling. While these are some of the necessary skills and executive protection professionals must possess, there is a long list of qualities that are required to ensure high-quality security. Some of these qualities are mentioned below:

1. Military Training and Experience

Military training is a combination of endless learning drills and practices. These involve both mental and physical experiences such as endurance building, physical fitness, mental soundness and the ability to calmly handle stressful situations. This training is a must-have for any executive protection officer because it is required regularly on the job. This is the reason why almost all retired military personnel are working and sharing their learning at some posts.

2. Good Judgement and Decision Making

While providing close protection services, the officer has to make regular decisions. These small decisions will eventually make up the quality of service that is being offered. It is a great skill to make quick decisions without asking too many questions from the client and create a disturbance. In order to make perfect decisions, superior mental training, along with compatibility with the client is essential.

3. Customer Service Experience

Every service in the world is dependent on its customers and their experience. Small factors add up to eventually give the customer a good service. To have such skills, the officer should have previous customer-based experience in any field.

4. Technology Literacy

Good competent protection services demand the assistance of technology regularly. Finding the quickest and safest route on Google Maps, being able to schedule and put reminders on an app, being able to effectively use a computer and quickly adapting to new devices and gadgets are among some of the instances that use technology.

5. Good Driving Skills

For an executive protection officer, good driving skills are a must. The officer should be able to drive safely in a normal routine but should also possess the skills required to evade a suspicious car.

6. Good Communication Skills

Communication Skills are required in almost every job these days because efficient communication is important for effective task completion. An executive protection officer should be able to listen and speak to his/her client with clarity. He/she should also be able to communicate with others on the field and ensure easiness for the client as well.

7. Good Writing Skills

A competent executive protection officer should possess multiple skills. He/she is like a personal assistant for the client and has to cover up for almost everything. To ensure elite service, the protection officer should also know how to write a formal document or a request. He/she should save time for their clients and make their life easier.

8. Educational Degree

Studies have shown that people with college degrees tend to live a better life than those who don’t. This is because education provides an experience that involves many modules and lifelong learning experiences. These experiences come in handy on the day-to-day fieldwork.

9. Health, Fitness, and Agility

Health and Fitness are among the top requirements for anyone who aims to live a happy and fulfilled life. For an executive protection officer, however, these are mandatory. Without proper Fitness and agility, the officer would not be able to perform his/her duties fully. The chances are that such unfit protection officers might get dropped straight out from the interview.

10. Ability to Handle Weapons

Weapon handling is another basic requirement for an executive protection official. He/she should be armed at all times and should possess multiple options. If things get suspicious, the official should have a number of techniques to handle the situation in the best way possible.

11. Mixed Martial Arts

Weaponless fighting is also extremely important in the job of an executive protection official. There are a lot of instances where weapons are not allowed. In such cases, the official should be able to handle the situation. For instance, the paparazzi seem to create a lot of disturbance for celebrities and other famous personnel. The officer should be able to provide service free of trouble to their client.

12. Specialized Detective Training

It is a must for an executive protection officer to detect and analyze a situation beforehand. He/she should have the ability to foresee and come up with strategies that are free of danger. They should also be able to see the depth in things and behavior of people surrounding their clients.

13. Punctuality and Consistency

Punctuality and consistency are habits that can turn an average experience into an elite one. Both of these habits are a must-have for every executive-protection official. These would not only ensure the safety of the client but would also result in top-quality experience.

14. Possession of Elite Professionalism

An executive protection officer should possess superior professionalism. He/she should be able to see a situation professionally and not personally. In this line of work, a machine that only performs its duties without having the mind to judge the action of their client is the requirement. The executive protection officer is that machine.

15. Should Know the City

An executive protection officer needs to know the city map along with all its diversions and short-cuts. These routes are useful in times of evasion of suspicious vehicles as well as for quick arrival to a particular destination. 

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