What Are Executive Protection Services?


What Are Executive Protection Services?

When it comes to personal security, there are different terms which are often misused. Executive protection is quite different from hiring bodyguards or security guards.

So, what exactly is it?

Executive protection is often interchangeable with Close protection services.

It means to provide security for VIPs, like celebrities, executives, CEOs and whatnot. 

These individuals require some extra protection since they are in the public eye and there is a lot of risks involved in their safety and wealth also. 

It is complete field in this industry and was actually found by US secret service bank in the year 1970s.

As they were protection the foreigners who visited their country.  

The difference From Hiring A Bodyguard:

A lot of people might confuse it as hiring a guard but is actually quite different. 

A bodyguard might act as a shadow and travels with you 24/7.

But EP requires a lot of high-end factors like assessing risk and making sure a proper plan is created to transport high-level VIPs from one place to the other. 

Risk Mitigation:

A very important aspect of the EP is analyzing the possible risk and creating proper planning to devise a strategy and provide safety to the VIPs.

This system is often called Risk Assessment or Mitigation. 

Their movement is usually kept as a secret, but it is only shared with a few specific individuals. 

There Are 3 Important Parts Of It: 

1. Specific threats: 

  • Sometimes threats are made to such persons or even their families. 
  • It needs to be analyzed and made sure they are nullified. 
  • Sometimes there are only threats and no proper action is taken. 
  • In such cases, you need to make sure and separate direct threats and only empty threats too, so that you can devise proper intelligent plans. 

2. Transport: 

  • When personnel are on the move, sometimes a lot of accidents happen at that time.
  • Crimes, kidnappings often take place during traffic. 
  • To make sure that you provide 100% protection, you need to keep a special eye on the mode of transportation and make sure they arrive safely everywhere. 

3. Being more prominent:

  • The more prominent a public figure is, the more they are in tight scrutiny. 
  • Thus protective services focus according to the person’s level of prominence. 
  • The more famous, means will be more approached by general masses. 
  • These interactions can be innocent but also dangerous. 
  • Sometimes fans can go way over the line as well. 

Executive Protection and Security guards are opposite concepts:

  • Most of the security guards that you hire might not even have heard the terms like Risk mitigation, Embus and Debus plan, movement safety, area surveillance etc. 
  • This shows that both are entirely different from each other. 
  • A bodyguard is hired at the end event day to act as a physical barrier between the masses and the VIPs. 
  • In such a huge crowd of people, someone still might do something extremely stupid and dangerous. In EP, there is no need for licensing, no such testing is required. 
  • It is often categorized as security or private security, although they have no such similarities. 
  • There are so many unregulated schools which offer certifications in these skill sets, however, it is not official. 
  • Due to these unmonitored places, a lot of uncertainty is created. 
  • Anybody who is unskilled can start teaching at these places and give untrue information.  

Challenges faced by Executive Protection Services: 

  • EP specialists are responsible for the safety and safe movement of VIPs, celebrities and politicians.
  • The security challenges are increasing day by day. 
  • In this current era of social media, politicians and celebrities face a lot of criticism on a daily basis. 
  • While they may upload snippets of their personal life which might become a controversial statement and a lot of people might get upset too. 
  • In general masses, there are many types of people and the activist group which can protest on a single photo or a statement made by this personnel.
  • A lot of these groups can actually go way beyond and launch negative movements, asking for the ban and what not. 
  • They can also label you let us say, racists, offender, misogynistic on a basis of a statement without a context. 
  • Therefore, you need to have protection at all times. 

Proper Risk Assessment is the Key:

  • The very basic step to offer executive protection is to make sure you have a proper Risk Assessment done. 
  • This helps to analyze and potential threats or vulnerable areas.
  • This will help them discover which areas they need to priorities with regards to safety. 
  • They can also consult any other firm where necessary to help focus on the issues they have at hand.
  • After assessing, an outline is created which enlists all the threats and risks that were identified. 
  • This will help to create strategies that are both efficient and also cost-effective. 
  • Some situations are different, but there are few things common to each. 

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