How to Organize Occasion Security and Executive Protection?

How to Organize Occasion Security and Executive Protection?

Having basic and occasion security is a major necessity for every human in the world. Unfortunately, even in major countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom, that necessity is under threat. Issues such as racial discrimination as well as religious and cultural affairs have paved the way for weak people to become extremists. Every other day, there is a headline in the news about a major criminal activity.

The allocation of security officials in order to maintain instantaneous protection has become essential nowadays. However, such high levels of security and executive protection still cannot maintain total peace. In order to achieve peace, the culture and mindset of people have to be changed. This can be done by a strong government through a gradual-evolutionary process.

No place is safe and secure these days. Precautionary measures should always be taken and one should always be prepared for the worst. In case of the safe and successful completion of an event, security needs to be top-notch. This does not only mean that security is commissioned just to stop criminal activities but instead, CCTV cameras and security guards are present to maintain order and ensure the trust of people.

In order to organize protection and security for an occasion, the following are some of the measures that need to be taken:

1.Keeping Security Measures Visible

The major goal of event security is not to respond to a threat. It is to stop it from happening. Keeping security measures visible is essential because of a number of reasons. CCTV Cameras, Metal Detectors, and Armed Security Guards should all be available to the public eye. This would decrease the morale of criminal activity. However, too much visibility might expose security patterns and make it easy for criminals to take action.

2. Proper Identification Criteria

All the attendees at an event should have a validation which they can show at the entrance. Mass events these days give bracelets and tattoos instead of tickets. Attendees can show and scan a QR Code at the entrance which would ensure their invitation. This would also mean that their data is registered in the event directory automatically through digital means. These new methods have made the old ones obsolete because of their efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Outsourcing the Security Team

An extremely reliable way to gain expert-level security is outsourcing. There are a lot of security teams present in the market which offer a wide range of security options. In an average price range, event hosts can hand the responsibility over to professionals. These security teams will take over and offer a wide range of security facilities. These include CCTV Surveillance, Location Monitoring as well as Emergency Planning.

4. Secure Entrance

Entrances are very important because they accompany the in-and-outs of people. A lot of people are invited to an event. They do not necessarily depend upon the trust quotient cannot be trusted completely. For this reason, security at the entrances needs to be top-notch. For better security, there should only be a single entrance and exit point. At this point, all entering personnel should be properly checked. They should pass through metal detectors and their bags should be manually checked as well. The inconvenience will be compensated for the successful completion of the event.  

5. Emergency Plan

Emergency Planning is extremely essential for occasion security. Assembly points should be present at a common spot and all attendees should be aware of it. Emergency Respondents and Security Officials should devise a plan beforehand. In this plan, there should be an emergency point as well as other emergency response strategies. These strategies include basic first aid, CPR, fire safety as well as back-up security teams.


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