Trending CyberSecurity Issues that You Need to Tackle in Future

cybersecurity issues

Trending CyberSecurity Issues that You Need to Tackle in Future

With the great power of the internet comes a huge issue to tackle – Cyber Security. This has kept the information industry on its toes. Even the websites that were once thought to be safe are under threat.

Such attacks include phishing, malware, viruses, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. Such attacks endanger people like government officials and big businessmen.

One of the main reasons why this industry has to face such an issue is due to the lack of professionals in the field, and experts say that this threat is increasing day by day and will damage privacy at a bigger level.

One thing that everybody can expect is that this sort of crime is only going to accelerate further and it may shock you each day!

A notorious Security forum issued a clear warning in their annual research paper and stated that you can expect an increase in the internet becoming an easy target for the crimes. By spreading false information quickly, the information quality is going to suffer badly. 

It is predicted that by the year 2021, the damage is going to hit $6 trillion per year. Let’s check out the trending CyberSecurity issues 2019 that you need to tackle in the near future: 

Trending Cybersecurity Issues 

  • Phishing is going to become more common: 

Some messages are conveyed digitally by targeting the audience, to make people believe into clicking any link that will automatically install any virus or even hack their data – this is the basics of Phishing. With each year, it is becoming more and more complicated and difficult to catch.

A lot of people are now more knowledgeable about such attacks and do not click on such links, which means that hackers are now upgrading to using different like making fake messages by using machines, and hoping that any of the users will fall into their traps.

These types of traps actually enable hackers to log in to the computer, use any other financial information like a credit card and even check out the private information. 

  • Strategies for Ransomware improving: 

Ransomware is when hackers hack into personal data and private databases and threaten to release it unless they are paid any ransom for it. Big names and officials are prone to falling for such attacks more as they have private information.

These attacks can cost a lot of money annually. Hackers use techniques that allow them to either kidnap a person or even data and hold it until a ransom is paid.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the main ways by which such demands can be paid anonymously. Companies try hard to make their security stricter. Attackers shift their focus to weaker victims who have got more net-worth. 

  • Hacking for Cryptocurrency:

Since cryptocurrency is being used everywhere now, there is a new way for hackers by which they gain access to computers to get cryptocurrency.

To get this type of currency you need a lot of power for computer, hackers use other computers and their processing powers and as a result, it will slow down the performances of any organization’s computer systems. 

  • Cyber attacks:

As the technology is becoming modernized it is now more at risk of being hacked in. Such hacks are targeted into different transportation systems, facilities, and even electrical supplies, meaning that every part is under threat. 

  • Attacks which are supported by the state:

Hacking is now done on bigger levels as well. Governments try to hack in other countries’ databases to gain access to any sensitive information that might potentially benefit them. In the following years to come, we may be seeing and hearing more about such activities. Wars are now being fought on a technological level. 

  • Attacks of IoT:

So many things of our daily uses are attached to the internet. If the internet can be hacked, means that anyone can gain access into our daily life. These things include smartwatches, phones, medical devices, webcams, security equipments, and even our cars. These devices are basically connected to the internet so that they can perform better and provide more features.

These devices have the ability to get so much information about our day to day lives. The more devices connected, means more risk for you. Not just for ransom, these devices can also leak sensitive data to hackers. 

  • Healthcare industry:

As the healthcare industry is revolutionizing, a lot of patients’ records and files are now moved to online. This way, they are easily emailed to the doctor or the patient themselves.

It has proven to be beneficial for everybody. However, as this area is still under loading, it means it is prone to the major threats involved in cybersecurity in healthcare

As more devices connect with the hospital network, the patient’s personal information and the file are becoming more prone to risk. A lot of devices are even such which are connected to the patient directly. In such cases, they have the power to alter the doses, manage their vital signs and even send signals. 

The digital system is still relatively new for the hospitals so they are still adjusting to it. Due to this, many hackers can exploit this weakness in their barrier. A lot of patient’s medical information is at risk since it is easily available online. 

  • Connected Automobiles and vehicles: 

As our mode of transportation is becoming more sophisticated, it is also becoming riskier. A car that is connected directly to the internet uses sensors to make sure it runs smoothly and passengers are also not.

This is done by integrating smartphone technology. As the years go by, this technology is becoming more common and by the year 2020, around 90% of the car will have the same system embedded.

For any hacker, this sort of evolution means he has another easy way to get into the system. On the other hand, he may also be able to potentially damage or harm the passengers and drivers. There is both a security and privacy concern that connected cars face. 

Tackling Cyber Security Threats

So, why such threats even occur? Although there are talks about many factors that come into play there are few things that need to be done quickly to save everyone from the trouble.

We know that this threat is spreading like wildfire. Government officials and big names have been trying to protect themselves in any way they can.

All everybody has done is to struggle to find a capable professional to deal with the matter. Due to the shortage of skilled professionals, this epidemic is going to continue spreading unless effectively combated. 

  • Properly Train Employees:

Since very few professionals exist, it is important to know that you should be able to train yourself. Employees are the very first in line for such attacks. They should be trained so well that they can detect any small type of threat.

They should also be informed on using the internet safely and now falling for any malware or a phishing attack. This type of attack can lead to a huge personal and professional loss. 

  • Inform Partners:

A lot of third-party vendors can also be the cause of such attacks. As they all are also loaded with sensitive information and data, they should be trained well. They should be thoroughly scanned to make sure they can rely on this business partnership. 

  • Stay Informed and Updated:

In today’s era, hardly a few people are unaware about hacking or virus. It is extremely vital that higher authority people should be informed personally so that they can educate their staff member in their organization also. They should keep themselves updated with cybersecurity news.

They should also read onto reports which are released annually which tells about new problems and solutions to keep an eye on.

It does look like hackers are extremely professional and it might sound difficult to keep up with them, but it is not impossible to do so. You should stay abreast of the latest challenges and even qualify yourself so that you can keep your company safe. 

  • Invest in Good Security Equipment:

One really important thing to do is to use good and professional security equipment which includes alarms, CCTVs, motion sensors, and many more things.

We know that these threats are never going to stop, so it is important that one starts to invest more in security equipment. There are many companies that offer great packages to get a good deal.

You can install them anywhere by yourself, but also call the security professionals and learn in-depth about how to use each and everything. Having a plan beforehand is going to save you in many ways.

By proper installing a security blanket, you will be able to keep an eye on what is going around. Check out some of the best security pieces of equipment in Pakistan available here.

The digital age comes with its own set of setbacks and even advantages. It is extremely vital for companies and individuals to educate and help themselves to make sure they are aware of any potential damage.  


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