Ultimate Guide to Hire Security Guards [2020]

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Ultimate Guide to Hire Security Guards [2020]

Do you want to feel safe and secure? Are you in the process of considering hiring security guards? You might be confused as to be it a good decision or not. We will share a few ways to make sure you use them to a maximum, along with some benefits and disadvantages of hiring security guards.

You should follow these steps to make sure you get the best out of their services: 

  • Before hiring, make sure that the people you have hired are actually cleared to work in the field. If you live in a country where licensing is required, then you can check it out. Also, if they are armed, they need to get an additional license for that. 
  • When you are searching for security guards, consider someone who has some sort of experience in the feel. If you hire former armed officers or even police personnel, it might cost you a little more but it actually is a safer option than others.
  • You should place electronic sensors right around where you live. In this way, you can keep a track of guard and his movement also. It will also help you to determine whether he is patrolling properly or not. It might sound like an increase in the cost with regards to the additional software, and the material being used but at least you will have some peace of mind. 
  • Before you commit for a longer time, it is better to sign them for a short time as trial practice. In this way, you can see if the process actually works out for both of you or not. 
  • There is a proper security contract that you should read and go through in detail. Before you do the final signing, make sure to check out each and every clause and even discuss it with the company if something is not according to your will. 
  • Lastly, remember that reviews and feedbacks are extremely important and a vital tool to check the performance of the people you are hiring. You should look up the security guards company, and see their previous customers’ reviews and feedbacks. 

Hiring a security guard is not just a privilege but a huge need with respect. It can only help you if you decide to use it to the best of your purpose. Mostly people hire guards for businesses, but you can also do so to protect your lands or even houses which may attract a lot of attention from the surrounding. The only way you can benefit is if you hire the right company and the right people. Through research and trial run, only then you can assure if you have made the right decision or not. 

The guards you hire will protect you or your property from attention, burglars and also from vandalism. Using people to protect your land is needed if you do not pay attention to it. If you do not hire the right type of people, it can actually be in your loss more than your benefit. So, always make the appropriate decision. 

Advantages of Hiring Security Personnel: 

  • As mentioned, security guards are typically your shield against various types of unwanted attention. Usually, when you install a security device or a camera, its movement can be predicted and burglars might be able to dodge it. On the other hand, security guards can change their behaviors and the timing of their movement, their way which may help trap the thieves. When they are dressed properly in uniform, burglars might even be scared by thinking of them as police or armed officers. 
  • If the guard is well experienced and trained in his task, he can help to avoid a lot of loss. Such a guard should be able to keep a strict eye on all types of movements and actually help to avoid any sort of potential crime. 
  • He should be able to see any potential threat and directly report to his command. He can also arrest and catch anybody who tries to enter your house or property. Although they are not exactly police officers, they can still be taken into custody. Not only that, they can be transferred into police custody too. 
  • Usually, when you install cameras, detectors or sensors, there is no way of knowing whether they are working in optimal conditions or not. You might not even know, and any of your security systems may be out of order. Security guards help maintain that. They keep an eye on the equipment and whether it is working or not. This is an important part of his duty. If any problem persists, he can report it to the owner. 

Disadvantages of Hiring Security Personnel: 

  • One of the biggest cons is the added cost to your wallet. Either you will be paying the guard directly from the company from whom you hired. The guard will be getting his salary from them. Either way, it can be a huge burden if you are tight financially. 
  • You have to always keep an eye on the guard. The security companies usually have a huge demand to hire more guards and a lot of people are looking for them. Due to this, they have to increase induction so that they can meet the demand. Due to this, sometimes they may hire people who are not even fully equipped or trained to tackle such conditions. The worst part – they may not even have a complete license according to the city or country they reside in. Due to this, you cannot rely on them.
  • Guards sometimes can be very unreliable especially when you need them. Due to their negligence, a lot of huge cases have happened. There is a high chance they may fall asleep on duty, or even disappear when you need them to come. Due to this, there is a high ratio of mistrust on guards. 

Now you would want to know what skills should a great security guard must possess. So here it is your answer.

Skills to look for in a security guard

Security guards maintain a secure operating atmosphere for workers. They shield your patrons, property, and assets.

To seek out an alert, extremely observant, and capable security guard. Hunt for qualifications and work expertise that mirror high-security guard skills.

Security Guard Qualifications:

  • State guard license
  • Full criminal background check
  • CPR and care certification
  • Proven history of reacting quickly to danger
  • Physical ability to lift/move up to a hundred pounds
  • Experience using security instrumentality
  • Excellent observation skills
  • Calm fraught

Here’s another question that most of the folks asking us:

Why You Require Security Guard For Home Security?

It is an open secret and not an enigma that nothing is 100% safe. We tend to turn a blind eye towards such unfenced secrets while we are busy cultivating our hard earned repute, earnings, happiness, family, assets, and whatnot.

It takes a lot of time to build something you desire which is a reason for you to keep striving.

Burglary or theft may lead to devastating consequences.

Financial loss may be recoverable however, the emotional loss that follows from this unfortunate act may last forever. These unfortunate events may also lead to physical harm and who knows, even murder whether intentional or unintentional. 

Although the subject matter supra is in issue, however, there is a solution. Providing proficient and efficacious remedies like security guards and home security for your hard earned struggles. No doubt It will minimize the risks or any harm that may befall, immensely.

Mechanism of using professionals like security guards had highly increased in the 1980s and thereafter.

This up-and-coming remedy had proven to be efficacious in encountering the said challenges to date. 

The bitter reality of the upsurge in crime is reflected in the prevailing security situation and extant terror attacks.

Security guards are professionals who are well equipped and adroitly trained to carry out special tasks under emergency. A security guard is employed to safeguard the interests of the employee.

Since these interests of the employee under protection carry a high stake to it.

The security guards protect the same by maintaining a high visibility presence to thwart any inappropriate actions from the outset.

There are a number of way’s wherein these professional tasks may be carried out. It may be carried out directly or indirectly. Directly by monitoring a specific area through patrolling, or indirectly, by scrutinizing and monitoring the home security.

If any unauthorized entry is noted by these professionals they can warn the intruder or trespasser, escort them off the property.

If need be they may report the incident to the employee or the concerned authorities to take appropriate measures.

The more security measures, the more decrease in risk. Home security includes various alarm systems, smart devices like smart thermostats, additional sensors, cameras, etc. These systems may be monitored by you yourself. It becomes impractical and difficult, with time, to keep a 24/7 check on these devices.

It becomes more practical to hire security companies that provide you with professional vigilant security guards. Provide 24/7 services and act time efficiently to encounter any harmful situation.


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