Warehouse Security Checklist : Best Practices

Warehouse security practices

Warehouse Security Checklist : Perform Best Security Practices

If you own a warehouse, you might have a lot of expensive or valuable items being stored at it. It can be a center of unwarranted attention by burglars and thieves. 

A lot of them might try to enter during late hours. This makes it extremely important to make sure that your warehouse is protected well enough. To implement proper security services, you need to make sure you have the latest security systems installed and active. 

A video surveillance is way more effective than any other. In this way you can actually see what is going on in the surrounding of the warehouse. 

It will act as a protective measure to not only check but also keep an eye out. Since this surveillance is done 24/7, it might actually be difficult to pinpoint towards one specific time of the day, as it contains hours of footage. You can use cameras that will capture faces, plates and any increase in activity so that you can monitor it well. 

In every warehouse, there are some areas which are more sensitive than others and may contain important shipments or even documents. 

These areas should be restricted to be used by personnel only. It should only be allowed to be opened up by cards so that no one can enter it.

Regular employers should only be allowed on special request and their movement should be cautiously monitored. 

For instance an intruder is detected in the surrounding, there should be an alarm system installed.

Proper security equipment is required so that every nook and corner is secured and under observation. A sensory alarm can detect movement and it goes off when the activity is too near. You can not only monitor but also alert police. 

Many businesses have installed cameras but unfortunately that cannot guarantee proper safeguarding of your inventory. Theft happens usually in every country and city.

It is important to recognize potential threat in your area and be prepared beforehand to tackle any sort of situation.

It might be a little extra on the wallet, but in the end much better than losing any of your sensitive goods or documents. 

A Complete Warehouse Security Checklist: 

Warehouse security checklist
Security Checklist by Haris Security Enterprises

While a lot of factors come into play, we know that one measure will not prevent any sort of break in 100%. It requires a combination of different equipment, factors to help eliminate the theft and any major loss.

Here is a complete security checklist that you should go through to ensure your warehouse is safe and sound: 

External Security: 

  • Installing CCTV Cameras: One of the most effective ways to ensure there is no strange movement is to install cameras around your surroundings. Not only you can keep a look on who is coming inside, but also recognize any potential threats. Cameras are a good investment for covering large buildings and areas. One con is that you need to go through a very long footage to check out and pinpoint any specific entry. 
  • Locks and Keys: Intrusion can happen via windows, vents, doors and gates. They should be properly locked with keys and locks and not open to general public. The areas which contain any sort of sensitive objects should be protected very well with codes or even using automated cards. They should be given to only specific employers. 
  • Proper lighting: Thieves and burglars often take advantage of dark areas and try to enter during night. Proper lighting system should be installed keeping in mind specific areas like exits and all entries to make sure that is entering and exiting. Cameras will be of no point if no one can see what is happening. 
  • Parking areas: Areas where most of the shipment lands and transport is parked, is a very critical access point which can be utilized easily. Such areas should be kept separate and away from the normal parking areas. These areas should also be restricted and not allowed for entry. 
  • The entry point inside the building should be secured. One security guard should be using a walk through to make sure no one is armed. 
  • Not everybody should be allowed to enter the warehouse. Special authorization should be made necessary, and there should be limited entry points, so that it is easier to keep an eye on it. 

Security personnel: 

  • Hiring guards is a good option to make sure they can physically monitor and make rounds at night when needed. They can also keep an eye on the cameras and security equipment and make sure it is in working condition. 
  • Hire people who are well trained and experienced in the relative field. Like hiring police officers is a better option as they are trained well. They can also make a private arrest in case of any intrusion. 
  • Before you hire anyone, you need to make sure you check their reviews and background well. If you are hiring from a company, you can check the company’s feedback on the internet. Before signing contract, it is important to know all the details. 
  • Sign a proper contract to make sure that you have reached a mutual agreement and there is no problem later on. 

Other Measures:

  • Keep a strict eye on all the points of entry and exit. Make sure that the doors installed are of good quality and with padded locks so that they cannot be damaged easily. Windows should also have proper locks and sensors, and grills should be installed where necessary. 
  • The access points where the shipment is delivered is a very sensitive area to enter from. Keep it separate from general public and install good quality grills so that no one can enter. 
  • Your inventory and stock should have proper cages which can provide a lot of protection. Proper rooms should be made with ventilation so that sensitive shipments and important materials can be stored inside it safely. This room should not be accessible to everyone.

This security listing covers the planning and system necessities for physically securing your warehouse. 

However as we have a tendency to mention in an earlier post regarding warehouse theft prevention, you furthermore mayought to implement specific processes to effectively secure your facility.

To get a whole grasp of your warehouse’s vulnerabilities, security necessities, and required processes changes, you ought to contact an expert security company.

These firms will bring a wealth of expertise from securing alternative facilities, that they’ll use to seek out all of your gaps and develop security systems that may meet your desires.

At Haris Enterprises, we’ve spent over twenty five years serving to businesses secure their business properties from expensive thievery and breaches. contact us today to shield your bottom line from thievery and shrinkage.


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